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#1 Flex
(Fingers only)

#2 Flex
(With a pencil)

#3 Flex
(With a bow)

#4 Flex
(Change strings by flexing your fingers only)

#5 Flex
(Draw a 1/2" bow by flexing your fingers only)

#6 Flex
(The elbow flexes on EVERY Bow stroke with your right upper arm isolated against the door way)

#7 Tilt
(Rotate the Bow from flat hair to tilted with your fingers only, not with the wrist)

#8 Tilt
(Every 4 or 8 beats rotate between tilted and flat hair as you move through the contact points on any string)

#9 Tilt
(Now while using spiccato)

#10 Spiccato
(Experiment with your "bounce" as you move close to the Frog and then out past the middle of the bow)

#11 Spiccato
(Preparation in 3 stages; on "detache", almost off, and barely off. Stay relaxed and light - not tight)