Dear Parents,
We are recommending that the SmartMusic computer program is purchased and installed on your computer. Students will be using this to practice and complete assignments/tests while at home.
We are purchasing this subscription for each student by using part of the student fees. The benefits of having this on your own computer are:
     1. Daily practice with it on your own schedule.
     2. Take assigned tests multiple times to get the best score possible.
It is our goal to have this in every home. If this is not possible for you at this time, we will have one computer station available to students before school, during lunch, or after school (on a sign-up basis) to complete the assignments and tests that will be coming. It is free to the students if they only use it at LVA on our classroom computer. Downsides may include:
     1. Other students may be on it.
     2. Assigned tests may have just one performance take.
     3. Having to come in before school, at lunch or after school.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
     Thank you,
     Eric McAllister & Lindsey Springer