Thank you for your interest in the
CCSD Performing Arts Magnet School.


The Las Vegas Academy Audition dates for the 2019/2020 are on January 12th and January 26th 2018.

(Both auditions options are at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts this year)


Directions for preparing for an audition at LVA:

1. Complete an online application at:
Click on "Apply Now" at the top right.

2. Signing up for an audition time is now part of the application process.

3. Prepare two scales of your choice. The more octaves (up to 3 octaves) the better – if played well. This will demonstrate to us how well you can shift into higher positions. One major scale, and one minor scale would also be good, but not required.

4. Prepare to perform no more than 3 minutes of a solo (not a part that would be played in your orchestral class). Many students play solos from the Suzuki method books – these would be a perfect choice. A private teacher/orchestra teacher would be able to help you choose a proper solo, at just the right level and style to audition. Memorization is not required, but it could be a better score if memorized well. (Many students play the same piece that they are preparing for solo and ensemble).

That’s all!  We are looking forward to hearing from dedicated musicians!

     Thank you,

          Eric McAllister & Lindsey Springer
               - Directors